The rise of technology and the internet, made the economy to go under a lot of dynamic changes. Starting a small, side business is becoming more comfortable than ever. With the help of resources online, you can start a small business, make it sustainable and expand it over the period.

We, at Digital Darpan, believe in helping the aspiring entrepreneurs with side business ideas in Chittorgarh. If you’re looking to start your gig, Digital Darpan can help you with list of business ideas in Chittorgarh.

You don’t need a lot of resources and money to start a business out of small profitable business ideas, it can be done with a minimal set of resources. With the right set of information and best business ideas in Chittorgarh, it’s possible to earn a nice income.

Our team at Digital Darpan has prepared a list of best side business ideas to help the readers of our site who are looking forward to starting their side venture in Chittorgarh.

These 7 business ideas are currently in high demand in the market. You can enter into these side ventures with little to no previous exposure. With the experience and the connection you establish with your customers, you can enter into new industries or grow your existing gig. Make sure to read the article to know best business ideas to make money.

7 Successful Business Ideas to Earn Money Quickly in Chittorgarh

Here we have prepared the list of successful business ideas in chittorgarh. You can pick up any idea that you find resonating with you the most, as per your skills, interests and other factors being taken into consideration. You can quickly build a beautiful stream of income with these ideas.

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Here are those hot, new 7 business ideas:

Personal Trainer


Who wouldn’t like to be fit and look good? The fitness industry is booming with gyms mushrooming in every corner of urban and suburban India, that puts personal trainers in great demand to instruct the members of the gym. If you are a person with a knack for athletic endeavours or fitness, you can quickly become a personal trainer. All you need to do is obtain the necessary certificates to become qualified to work as a personal trainer.  Once you get the certificates and relevant experience of working out in the gym, you can join any gym as a fitness trainer. You can also start your gym if you have proper resources. Moreover, some people also run YouTube channels to guide fitness enthusiasts. You can make as much 10,000 every month in the start, but with the time if you establish yourself as a great trainer and build a client base of quality clients who can pay you a generous amount in return of your coaching, you can make more than 1,00,000 every month easily.

Tiffin Center

If you are skilled in cooking, starting a tiffin centre can be a good idea for you. Tiffin centres are widely popular across India with working professionals, school and college students eating there everyday meals that are inexpensive and simply delicious.

Tiffin centres are popular across cities in India for the delicious home-made meals they provide at an affordable price. Not all but most of the tiffin centres also provide delivery of lunchboxes to workers in factories, professionals working in companies and students living in hostels. With specific investment and cooking skills, you can start and run a thriving tiffin centre.

Wedding Photographer

India is known for its big, fat Indian weddings. The wedding industry is a massive market in all over the world. However, weddings are nothing short of any festival when it comes to Indian culture with various ceremonies taking place before and even after the wedding. Decorations, apparel, jewellery, catering and other industries are dependent upon wedding seasons to do great business. Wedding photographers and videographers are also in high demand due to the boom of this industry.

If you have excellent photography and editing skills, you can start working as a wedding photographer. People always demand that their wedding photoshoots be more creative, fancy and memorable, that makes great photographers in high demand. The more experienced you get, the more skills you develop and great your work gets, that means more money you earn per wedding photoshoot.

Event Planner

If you are the one in your college or home, which is good with planning the programs or functions, maybe you should look into becoming an event planner. The event planners help organisers to plan, budget properly and execute social and corporate events.

The events include professional seminars, academic and corporate conferences, trade expos, executive retreats, corporate golf events, conventions, and significant product launches. However, one must note that it’s not similar to planning house parties. If you are great at communication, planning, handling stress and leading people, this gig can get you a vast amount of income.

Tour Guide

If you live in a city like Chittorgarh, where tourism is the primary source of income for the local economy, becoming a tour guide can be a good idea for earning small side income. If you have excellent command over languages like English and Hindi, and knowledge of the tourist places, you can quickly get a job as a tour guide. If your command over communication skills and English is excellent, tour companies can hire you and offer a good commission or salary for service. Make sure to brush up your English vocabulary and grammar, because real money comes with offering service to foreigner tourists.

Interior Designer

It might be a bit surprising for a lot of you, but you don’t need a degree in ID(Interior Designing) to become a professional interior designer. If you have drawing talent, creativity and business skills, you can get assignments from wealthy clients to design the living and corporate spaces. With the experiences and time, your portfolio grows, and you can start your own company providing designing services to various individual clients or corporations.

Speciality Food Store Owner

Speciality food is a niche of food items that are highly unique and value-rich by its consumers, and these items are available in minimal quantity from rare, high-quality ingredients.  Consumers of these speciality food items pay high prices for these items compared to non-speciality items. The speciality food items include Caviar, artisan cheese, High-quality chocolate, Foie gras, and much more.

If you have a passion for along with knowledge of great, quality food, and if you enjoy discovering unique food items, and continuously seek out the most exquisite food dishes available, you can become a speciality food store owner or a seller/distributor.

Thousands of foreigner tourists visit Rajasthan each year. The state has a significant number of luxurious, fancy resorts and hotels at all the popular tourist destinations. It is an excellent opportunity for those looking to break into the speciality food industry, and you can join hands with the big hospitality brands to provide them regular supply the high-quality foods or sell them to wealthy individuals. However, before you enter into the industry it is wise to do a proper market research for these items in your region and evaluate the resources you have, as these items are not for commoners.

Final Words 

Now that we have seen the list of unique business ideas for Chittorgarh, it’s time to conclude the article with advice to our readers. Before you start on any of the ideas mentioned above, we suggest you do thorough research on your skills, interest, resources at your disposal and most important, market research. You don’t have to work on all of them, pick the one that’s suits you entirely and start with it. Thus we conclude our list of successful business ideas in chittorgarh.